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Campari Bitters

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Campari - an absolute classic from Italy.

Campari Bitter is one of the best known and most successful bitter liqueurs worldwide. The half-bitter liqueurs known in Italy as Amaro were used, originally, because of their digestive effect and were sold exclusively in pharmacies. However, as people began to appreciate and enjoy them more, other entrepreneurs began to produce the bitter for their own drinking purposes. Gaspare Campari was one of them and in 1862 presented his "Bitter all'uso d'Hollandia" for the first time in his own bar in the Galleria in Milan. And so Campari Bitter was born! 86 ingredients shape its flavour, including spices, herbs, fruits and roots from around the world. 

The most popular and classic way to enjoy Campari is as an aperitif. To do so simply pour the bitter liqueur over a few ice cubes. Even in long drinks, this Italian drink always taste great. You could try it for example, combined with soda, orange juice or other mixers such as Tonic Water. The bitters taste particularly great in cocktails like a Negroni. The combination of Campari, Gin and Vermouth with an orange zest is one of the absolute classics in the cocktail world- definitely a drink that you should mix with Campari.


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