Delicious wines
at palatable prices

We're all about delicious wine - whatever the occasion. And so that's how we organise our wines - by occasion 

We have three simple sections. Everyday kitchen supper wines, brilliant to drink but outstanding value – everything under £12. Rather special wines, perfect for dinner parties or just to treat yourself – everything between £12 and £24. And finally wines to keep, to gift, to invest in – everything over £24.

Whatever the occasion, every single wine has been hand-picked from the best winemakers, cuvées and vintages. Cheers!

How did I get here?

I have long enjoyed a glass of wine, but it was when tasting my first vintage champagne that I really began to appreciate that the world of wine is infinitely nuanced. I needed to learn more about vintage, geography, topography, and most importantly about the people that create these lovely wines.

Having escaped The City I spent some time learning the wine trade from the bottom up. Shifting cases of wine is heavy work, and much harder work than placing shares with fund managers!

I set up GrapeSmith to help introduce our customers to the best quality wines available for everyday drinking as well as for special occasions. I want our customers to appreciate the provenance and the personalities that created the wine. I understand that it can be intimidating, confusing, and easy to make the wrong decision when buying wine. We endeavour to simplify your wine buying and make sure you go home the perfect wine for whatever’s the occasion.

We have a great team here, and the site at Barrs Yard is very special. Check us out on line, but for a real feel of what we are all about please come and visit us.


Polly’s voyage into wine!

I come from a Horticultural background, having almost 20 years of experience working with plants.  My move into wine came somewhat out of the blue back in 2009, when I signed up for the WSET Level 1 Course one spare Saturday in November.

I was instantly hooked, and continue to be, constantly staying in wine education since that point. I gained the highly respected WSET Diploma in Wine & Spirits in 2017 and completed the WSET Educator training soon after. We are now registered as an Approved Programme Provider for the WSET and I teach the Levels 1, 2 & 3 in Wines from our classroom upstairs in the shop.

Horticulture and wine have proved to be a far more symbiotic relationship than I could have imagined; both are essentially about reaping rewards from the earth, and I instinctively approach wine with this concept in mind. I now head up Events, Education, and Wholesale at GrapeSmith. Discovering how wine has shaped history, landscapes, and cultures continues to fascinate me;  despite that, I do believe that 99% of the time, the occasion is more important than the wine – my pleasure at GrapeSmith is helping you choose the right wine, whatever the occasion!