Wine from space? No thanks, we prefer to buy wine online!

Have you ever drunk a bottle of wine and thought it was out of this world? One day it might be! You may have read in the news recently that a cargo of grapevines grown on the International Space Station landed back in the Atlantic ocean, ready for scientists to study in the hope of producing better wine on earth.

Whilst food has been previously shot into space for no real reason, this experiment clearly had a useful end purpose, to provide insights into how to grow better vines that can cope with the harsh and changing climate here on earth. In general, vines are pretty hardy, though they will be vulnerable to frost and harsh winter conditions, particularly in the first few years. However, as the world continues to face global warming, should we expect changes in how wine tastes, how readily available it is and how easy it is to buy wine online?

How global warming can impact wine

Over recent years, wine growing producers around the world have had to adapt to hotter summers, harsher winters and the kind of freak weather events that global warming can contribute to such as storms, floods and forest fires. Though this has presented a challenge, it has also meant the countries that traditionally haven’t had the climate to produce wine, such as England, can now do so adeptly. Also, those traditional wine producing regions such as Burgundy in France and the Mosel in Germany can continually produce exceptional wines.

The ongoing challenge of global warming will mean that wine producers have to continually adapt, taking action such as cultivating vines at higher altitudes, in previously inhospitable regions, where the larger difference between the peak heat of day and the cooler night temperatures mean the grapes can ripen more evenly. They can also consider growing different grape varieties in regions that perhaps were previously only known for one particular type.

Will this affect the quality of wine?

In short, of course not, with experiments and adaptations taking place all the time, the future of the wine industry is in good hands as wine producers constantly seek new ways to adapt to changing conditions.  In fact, it may be seen as an opportunity to experiment with new flavour profiles and blends and enjoying even greater tasting wines.

Will changing climates cause wine shortages?

In 2017, late frosts and summer heatwaves across Europe reduced output from the old world producers including Spain, France and Italy.  With a reduction of many hectolitres of wine forecast, the world braced itself for the shortage, but in actual fact it gave new wine producing countries and winemakers the opportunity to grow their production to meet demand. Crisis averted.

Why it’s best to buy wine online

Whatever your tastes and whether or not you are looking to try the latest winemakers produce, the best way to purchase is online. When you buy wine online you have access to a fantastic choice, bottles to suit your budget and tasting guidelines to help you choose the wines you will enjoy drinking.  You don’t have the problem of turning up to your local wine merchant only to find they are out of stock of your favourites, which may have been a particular problem during recent lockdowns with nervous shoppers resorting to panic buying.

When you purchase wine online, someone else, who is passionate about wine, has done the hard work for you - by selecting the winemakers, cuvees and vintages and categorising them by price, type or region - it makes buying wine online a simple and enjoyable experience.

At GrapeSmith we have categorised our wine into three simple selections:

  • Quaff - everyday kitchen supper wines that at £12 or under per bottle offer outstanding value
  • Savour - rather special wines that at £12-24 per bottle make the ideal party drink
  • Cellar - exquisite wines that at everything over £24 make the perfect gift, keep-to-drink or investment wine

Whilst it might be a while before your wine is literally grown out of this world, the reality is that the wine industry is changing all the time and it’s an exciting time to try new vintages, regions and winemakers.

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