New-wave Spain. The most delicious wines you'll find for under £10

The two most delicious wines you’ll find for under a tenner, anywhere …

I know you appreciate handcrafted wines that stand out from the crowd. That’s why I want to share my latest discovery with you. A state-of-the art, family-run cellar in Terra Alta (a little-known region of Spain) that’s seriously over-delivering on quality.

Its name is Herència Altés.

They’re starting to get attention from the critics. Decanter listed them among the top producers of the region and rated one of their wines an ‘outstanding’ 96 points. That puts them squarely in the fine wine bracket. But what’s really exciting is how good they are in the affordable range.

When I tasted their Garnaxta red at a prestigious tasting in London, I gave it 10 out of 10. My only perfect score of the night, in a line-up of over 100 bottles. Perfectly balanced, juicy, ripe berry flavours and mouth-watering freshness – it ticked all the boxes.The white is stunning too. A little more complex than the red with an elegant structure and long finish. All the hallmarks of a special occasion white, at an everyday price.
Ancient, high-altitude vineyards, new-wave winemaking and a bit of good old fashioned luck … 

So how come these wines are such good quality for the price? The key is in the vineyards.

Wine has been made in Terra Alta, 400 metres up in the hinterland of Catalonia, since medieval times, but its true potential has only recently been realised.

And this is where the luck comes in. You see, because it was overlooked until lately, the old vines, a local variety of Garnacha known here as Garnaxta, have been preserved – instead of being ripped and replaced with high-volume supermarket-friendly varieties. The grapes are perfectly adapted to the rocky, mineral-rich terroir – and their maturity means the grapes are beautifully concentrated in flavour.

As Miquel Hudin writes in Decanter,
“Various (Terra Alta) wines, especially those from older vines, are offering untold complexity that deepens with each harvest”
Herència Altés is one of the smartest wineries in the region. The founder, Nuria Altés, grew up among the vineyards of Terra Alta, and is passionate about their potential. Along with her English born husband Rafael de Haan, she is dedicated to bringing the authentic wines of Terra Alta to a wider audience.

You can taste that authenticity in each of these wines from the first sip. At less than ten pounds a bottle, they’re an absolute steal. 

I’m so keen for you to taste these two wines, I’m launching them at a special introductory price of £12.99 £9.99 a bottle. That’s a saving of £18 on a case of six. You can choose all reds, all whites, or a mix of both. But don't delay. I can only afford to sell 50 cases at this price!