Get back to entertaining with our wines for every occasion

Whether you’re looking forward to welcoming friends and family back into your home or keeping your fingers crossed for barbecues in the garden, we’ve got the perfect wines for every occasion. We understand that you don’t always want to spend a fortune on wine but want something to impress your guests, whoever you are entertaining. So, whatever is on the menu, and whether you’re dining inside or outside, there’s the perfect wine at the perfect price just waiting for you.

Wines for entertaining

From alfresco dining to indoor entertaining, our Savour range of wines are ideal for enjoying with guests. Hand selected from the best winemakers, cuvées and vintages, you won’t fail to impress your guests with these deliciously quaffable wines!

Choose from red, white and rose wines, all priced between £12 and £24 per bottle.  If you don’t know the taste preferences of your guests we recommend choosing a selection of each wine type and ensuring they are presented at the perfect temperature ready for everyone to enjoy. 

How to serve wine

As a rough guide, serve red wines between 12 and 18 degrees celsius and white or rose wine between 8 and 12 degrees celsius. Champagne and sparkling wines should be served at around 5 to 7 degrees celsius.

You may also find that certain wines taste better when served at different temperatures, for example, full bodied wines can be served at higher temperatures than lighter ones and aromatic wines can afford to be cooled a little more than usual, making them perfect to enjoy on a summer’s day.

Food and wine pairing

Understanding the balance of tastes between food and wine is an accomplished art and one that is often best left to the professionals – such as someliers and head chefs. However, there are a few simple concepts to follow when pairing food and wine to help you choose the best drink to accompany the food you plan to serve for an occasion:

  • Red wines pair well with bold flavoured foods such as red meat and cheeses
  • White wines pair well with lighter, fresh tasting foods such as chicken and fish
  • Try to match the wine with the sauce, rather than the meat, as this will probably be the most intense flavour in the dish
  • Boldy tannic wines go well with salty foods
  • Choose a wine that is more acidic than your dish
  • Tone down the heat of spicy foods with off-dry and sweeter white and rose wines
  • Contrast creamy, buttery food with something crisp, fresh and acidic
  • When choosing dessert wines always opt for something that is sweeter than your dish

Order your wines for every occasion

Get ready for entertaining again by ordering your wine online and get free delivery when you buy 12 bottles or more. Get in touch with our team at GrapeSmith today to find out more! Alternatively, call in and see us at our Bath Road shop in Hungerford, we’ve got wines for every occasion on display and can help you to select the perfect bottles.