Biodynamic wines ... What? Why? And are they any better?

Biodynamic wines
These were the recurrent questions from our recent Organic & Biodynamic Wine Dinner at The Wheatsheaf, so we wanted share our findings.
The efficacy of Biodynamic practice is never going to be something you can utterly prove (or disprove) by science, but sometimes results just speak for themselves. Knowing that Tesco’s wine buyers will only conduct their product tastings on ‘Fruit Days’ (the ‘best’ days, biodynamically, for tasting wine) suggests it’s not just something embraced by hippie farmers…
Here is a fantastic article from the website VinePair that explains the fundamentals of Biodynamic wine.  
If that whets your appetite to try the difference for yourself, our favourite Biodynamic Wines this month are listed below… All available in store now.