Mandolin Chardonnay, Monterrey, California

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Sourced from vineyards in Monterey County, California, where high winds, dry days, and bay fogs create a cool, but very long, growing season. These growing conditions are ideal for cool-climate grapes such as Chardonnay, and lead to full, forward fruit flavors and ideal acidity. Grapes were harvested at an ideal balance of sugar and acid, and the wine was aged in 1-2 year-old French oak barrels. This wine underwent full malolactic fermentation, yet retains its bright acidity.
With its maritime influence, California’s Monterey region has an extended growing season that yields wines with full flavor development and great acid balance. Mandolin Chardonnay has aromas of brioche, lime, nectarine and light cedar. The mouthfeel is creamy and bright, with notes of lemon zest on the finish.

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