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To find out more, or to register, please email Polly on or call GrapeSmith on 01488 680933.

The Wine Education Trust (WSET) is the internationally recognised governing body for wine education and qualifications, for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Polly is our WSET Certified Educator and we are now offering WSET Level 1 and Level 2 courses at GrapeSmith Wine Academy.

WSET Level 1 - 1 day. 6.5 hours (approx.) £165

Obtain an internationally recognised wine qualification in just 1 day! A beginner level introduction to wine; suitable for those starting a wine career or simply pursuing an interest in wine.

This course provides a general introduction to the subject, including how to recognise wine styles, key grape varieties and classic wines, plus guidance on how to match food with wine, storage and service of wine, and recording of tasting notes.

You will taste wines from a broad range of styles and regions throughout the day and go armed with a solid foundation on which to build future wine knowledge. Whilst informative, this is also a really fun day - very interactive and not at all intimidating.

The day finishes with an exam paper comprising 30 multiple choice questions. Upon successful completion you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin. Level 1 is recommended (but not necessary) if you wish to do Level 2.

WSET Level 2 - 16 hours (+home study time) Wednesdays 6pm -8pm. £450

A beginner to intermediate level qualification exploring the world of wines. Provides a sound knowledge base for those working in the industry and equally for wine enthusiasts.

This course introduces you to a diverse spectrum of wines from across the world - some familiar, and some less so. On completion of this course you will be able to:

• Account for the differences in the main styles of wines, looking at style and quality.

• Describe the main international grape varieties and understand how they differ regionally.

• Decipher the style of a wine through an understanding of different labelling terms.

• Apply basic principles of food and wine matching (this element of the course is particularly useful for those within the restaurant trade).

• Provide advice on service and storage of wines. There will typically be 5-7 samples per session, allowing you to taste a diverse and broad range of wines.

This course runs across 8 weeks, with a final exam taken in week 9 or 10. The exam comprises 50 multiple choice questions. Additional home study time will be required for successful completion of this course.

Upon successful completion you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin and will be able to use the associated WSET certified logo.

To find out more, or to register, please email Polly on or call GrapeSmith on 01488 680933.

More in-depth information on the courses, and the WSET in general can be found on WSET website

Upcoming Course Dates 2019

WSET LEVEL 1 in Wines

Saturday 16th March. 12pm- 6.30pm

Saturday 13th April. 12pm – 6.30pm

Sunday 19th May. 12pm – 6.30pm

WSET LEVEL 1 in Wines (Sunday Courses)

Sunday 25th August. 10am – 4.00pm

Sunday 22nd September. 10am - 4.00pm

WSET LEVEL 2 in Wines Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm

SPRING TERM: Wednesday 3rd April (Week 1) until Wednesday 22nd May (Week 8) Exam (week 9) Wednesday 29th May

AUTUMN TERM: Wednesday 4th September (Week 1) until Wednesday 23rd October (Week 8) Exam (week 10 - avoiding half term) November 6th


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